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2.Poster board announcing, for all to see, who gets to clean the latrine.
4.Girls standing in circle trying to out-squeeze each other's hands.
6.Brownie ceremony similar to Bridging ceremony, but girls are booted out of the nest as well.
8.Ceremony parents attend to make sure their daughter got more badges than the neighbor's daughter.
13.Ceremony in which girl forgets her promise after practicing it at least 25 times that afternoon.
16.Girl holding up 3 fingers so she has something to look at while saying her promise.
18.Man in charge of scout camp -- can see gum wrapper under a tent 50 yards away.
19.Tall girl who would rather be caught dead than seen in uniform.
20.A small, round patch on a girl's sash that she can't remember what she did to get.
1.Usually called Halloween because that's more "fun".
3.Ceremony in which a Girl Scout demonstrates that she cannot light a match.
5.Group of Girl Scouts tripping over each other while banging flag poles into door jambs.
7.Hand signal invented by leader with laryngitis.
9.Medium size girl dressed in green with sash falling off shoulder.
10.Fancy name to trick the girls into cleaning the latrine.
11.Pairing of girls which guarantees they will never be in the same place at the same time.
12.Short girl in brown dress which is either 2 sizes too big or 1 size too small.
14.Very short girl with blue smock covering all food, paint, and grubby hand stains on regular clothes.
15.A ceremony in which girl is given her honorable discharge from the troop.
17.Be Prepared, but any experienced leader actually knows it's Be Flexible.

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