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Cam's Music Crossword

Cameron Cole

2         3 4
    5 6      
  7   8    
    9                     10  
        13 14    
15     16 17        
        18     19
21   22            
23     24   25          
      26       27    
28 29       30      
31           32          
34       35 36
38 39        

2.He worked with The Velvet Underground
6.a.k.a. Bill Callahan
9.Song from "Automatic For The People"
11.Zeppelin frontman
12.Math rockers, Don _________
13."I want my ___"
15."Time Out" drummer, ___ Morello
17.Def Leppard missing limb
18.Singer in the rain, ____ Kelly
20.Like Captain Beefheart, Can or The Residents
22."About A Girl" band
23.Famous jazz drummer, Buddy ___
25.Underrated Rush album, "Caress Of _____"
26.James Blake genre
29.Sufjan Stevens song, also a city
31."I was a lonely teenage broncin’ ____"
32.Number Spinal Tap's amps go up to
33.Not Metallica, Megadeth or Anthrax
34.Sonic Youth album featuring "Kool Thing"
37.Only official member of Nine Inch Nails, Trent ______
38.Hendrix song, "One _____ Wish"
40.Popular UK music mag.
1.The "D" in OMD
3.Album by The Beatles or The Replacements
4.The Who's rock opera
5.Pavement's only hit
7.INXS death
8.The middle voice of the violin family
10.Online music store Metallica sued in 2000
14.A-ha's #1 US smash hit
16.The Beatles' first single
19.Ambient pioneer, Brian ___
21.Bowie, Byrne and Crosby
24.Idol winner, Taylor _____
27.U2 guitarist
28.A Canadian Grammy
30.Steely Dan track featuring the drumming of Steve Gadd
35.Pink Floyd track in 7/4
36.Where The Rolling Stones recorded "Exile on Main St."
39.Janie's got one

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