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Rocks and Minerals

Mrs. Thomasen

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2.Extrusive igneous rock which can float
4.Granite becomes __________________.
8.______________ crystals form in fast cooling igneous rock.
11.Minerals are composed of _________________.
13.__________________ is the movemnet of rock fragments.
21.__________________________ becomes marble.
23.Rock made from cemented pieces of rock fragments.
24.Extrusive igneous rock which composes the oceanic crust.
25.Color is determined by a mineral's __________________.
26.The continental crust is mostly made of this intrusive igneous rock.
27.___________ is the natural process of compacting sediments into rock.
1._______________ describes a minerals ability to reflect light
3.internal mantle rock
5."fire "rock
6.Rock ____________ the process of changing one rock into another rock.
7._____________ the most common igneous rock, comes in many colors.
9.external mantle rock
10.______________ describes a mineral's scratch-ability
12.__________________________ becomes quartzite.
14.means never alive
15.Rock made within the Earth from intense heat and pressure.
16._________________ igneous rock which forms within the Earth.
17.Shale becomes ___________________.
18.__________________is the breaking down of rocks into smaller pieces.
19.Extrusive glass-like igneous rock
20._______________ or fracture describes how a rock or mineral breaks apart.
22._________________ igneous rock which forms outside the Earth.

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