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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Caio Lima

Puzzle of the Scott Pilgrim comic series, movie and game!

1 2
3 4     5  
7             8             9
    14     15      
    18         19
20       21 22      
  23   24                   25     26      
      28               29   30          
31             32         33       34 35
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    38           39            
40           41    
44 45         46

4.Lead singer of Metric, perhaps?
7.Katayanagi twins, ___ and ___.
8.Item Scott orders through Amazon. (2 Words)
10.Second Cup's Powers.
11."Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game" developer.
12.Cheated cutlery?
13.Not Posiscott?
14.Pilgrim's roommate's rating out of ten, doubled.
17.Gideon ___ Graves.
18.Scott's feared hair state, also a singer.
20.Scott, by Monday.
23.Bass guitar brand played by Scott.
25.Says: "I hear the books are better than the movie" as Pilgrim passes.
27.Sole english actor, Satya ___.
28.SP's heart? (2 Words)
31.Film release date, ___ 13, 2010.
33.'Ramona' musician, really.
36.Creator Bryan ___ O'Malley.
37.Reach ___ at '212-664-7665'.
38.Director ___ Wright.
39.Size of Ramona's tea collection.
40.No. of hours between Scott's last haircut and his big break up.
41.Number of volumes in comic series.
43.Flowers' weapon of choice.
44.Four's weakness: back of ___.
47.The talent's occupation.
48.2-furious of an ex.
1.Number of male drummers in the series.
2.Post-headbutt meal to some.
3.Seven ___ coins; value of GGG on scene.
5.Lucas Lee movie. (4 Words)
6.The L-word.
9.'The perfect asshole'.
15.How long it took to form the league of evil exes. (2 Words)
16.Barely a boy, also 8 years old.
19.The Green ___ beats the Sonic Dragon.
21.Town of Crash and the Boys.
22.Locale of garbage rails. (2 Words)
24.Can be used for headaches. (2 Words)
26.Seven ___ ___. (2 Words)
27.Heckler, ganging up on the pirate, with Cera.
29.Scott Pilgrim, original creator.
30.Scott Pilgrim character. (2 Words)
32.Never kissed a guy before.
34.One of Scott's evil exes Kim ___.
35.Snack or meal, according to Young Neil.
40.Garbage ___, by Sex Bob-Omb.
41.Pilgrim's band member who becomes like Wells.
42.Jimmy's GF.
45.Age difference between Mr. and Mrs. Chau.
46.'Power of Self-Respect' > 'Power of ___'; with Cera.

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