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The Nature of Light

Mrs. Valverde

Chapter 19 Study Guide

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3.the effect of ultraviolet radiation is a --- ---.
5.------- colors are yellow, magenta, and Cyan
6.the range of ------- ----- is 4300 angstroms to 6900 angstroms
9.---- ---- train is produced by 2 advancing fields, electric and magnetic.
11.------- ------ of light- light is a wave. Wrote a book called Optiks.
13.gamma waves have very high -----------.
15.---- sources other than the sun emit infared rays.
16.term means light travels in a straight line
18.these rays are above violet in frequency.
19.these can pass through materials to se things that would otherwise be invisible.
20.is a blend of 2 primary colors in equal amounts.
22.two colors are complementary if their -------- ------- is white.
23.who reported that light has the property of interference.
24.all radiation is --- equally hazardous.
25.His theory said light must be a wave because it exhibits properties of reflection and refraction.
27.are below red frequencies. Stimulated molecules to greater activity.
28.visible light makes up a very narrow band of frequencies on a broad ----- --------.
30.said light was emitted from the objects we see.
31.186,000 miles per second. The absolute fastest speed anything can go.
35.Einstein's wave particle duality theory is accepted today.
36.the result of mixing all hues with both white and black?
38.---- ---------- waves are very destructive.
41.when ----- ------- of all 3 colors are combined ogether, they make white light.
42.the absence of color.
43.are the shortest electromagnetic waves.
44.discovered radio waves in 1885.
45.In 1905 -------- proposed the wave particle duality theory. Accepted theory today.
46.From Maxwell's theory came the ---------- that new forms of radiation would b discovered in the future.
47.Newton also said that he believed that light travels at an elevated -----.
48.First To spectulate about light. Said light emanated from our eyes upon objects we see.
49.the bending of an images as it passes from 1 medium to another like a straw in a glass of water.
1.what is the relationship between energy and frequency of light?
2.Red, green and blue light/colors together make ----- light and color.
4.gamma rays are ------- rays
5.Einstein said that light travels in discrete particles called -------.
7.discovered that the wave particle duality pertains to light, radiant energy, and electrons.
8.--- --- --- theory said light travels both as waves and as particles.
10.Reported that when light shone through 2 adjacent pin holes he saw interference.
12.the center of the visible spectrum.
14.-------- ----- waves are the longest electromagnetic wave.
17.are low frequency and harmless.
21.said there is a fundamental relationship between light, electricity and magnetism.
26.are used in ovens and in radio astronomy to hear sounds from space.
29.Young said since interference is exhibited by ordinary waves, waves must be --------.
30.wavelengths are expressed in ---------.
32.transmits waves of very low frequencies of 60 hz.
33.the sum of all colors
34.most ultraviolet radiation comes from the ---.
37.electromagnetic waves are ----------.
39.explains your ability to see yourself in the mirror.
40.Newton called streams of light particles ----------.

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