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Chapter 19 Crossword Puzzle

Naomi Goddard

Period 4, Mrs. Ferrugia, 4/6/11

      6 7  
9         10              
11                   12

3.spots on the photosphere that are cooler than surrounding areas
8.the apparent shift in the position of an object when viewed from different locations
9.the stage in which stars produce energy though the fusion of hydrogen & helium
11.an invisible object made from a further collapsed star which has such strong gravity that nothing can escape it
13.the transfer of energy from place to place by the motion of heated gas or liquid
14.the distance light travels in one year
1.the very bright centers of some distant galaxies
2.the collapsed core of a giant star
4.a cloud of gas and dust
5.the moment in time when the universe started to expand out of an extremely hot, dence state
6.when 2 hydrogen paricles come together to form helium
7.a change in the observed wavelength or frequency of a wave that occurs when the source of the wave that occurs when the source of the wave or the observer is moving
10.the electrically charged particles that flow out in all directions from the corona
12.the Sun's outermost layer

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