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Drugs and Crime

Marcia Bedard

This puzzle should help you review for the test on Drugs and Crime. Use your notes and textbook to help you with this review.

1 2
  3   4
5 6                                   7   8
  14                               15
    17       18  
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5.bioactive or psychoactive chemical substance proscribed by law
10.the most dangerous common drug
11.legal term that describes the area surrounding a residence that can reasonable be said to be part of the residence
12.reduces penaties for drug offenses to a ticketable offense rather than arrestable offense
14.the "War on Drugs" began under this president
16.made marijuana, and several other drugs federally prohibited controlled substances
19.antidrug law enforcement and long drug sentences in the hopes of getting dealers off the streets, disrupting supply lines, and eliminating sources of supply
21.any chemical substance
22.usually smoked although it can be eaten or made into tea
23.aims at preventing drug us and abuse
24.illicit drug use that leads to social, economic, psychological, or legal problems
25.its purpose is to limit availability bvy targeting foreign producers
26.property, once clearly thrown away, ceases to fall under the 4th Amendment
1.is a schedule V drug
2.person who uses drugs among firends and in a social context
3.increased the penalties for drug trafficking and possession, and made the sale of heroin to anyone under 18 a capital offense
4.placed a tax of $100 per ounce
6.law enforcement can search an open field without a warrant
7.process of converting illegally earned assets to conceal its origin
8.risks include overdose because of dosage uncertainties, AIDS, and hepatitis
9.the first major piece of federal antidrug legislation
13.elimination of laws and criminal penalties that prohibit the production, sale, distribution and possession of a controlled substance
14.federal statute that allows the federal govt. to seize assets derived from illegal enterprise
15.authorized seizure of money, or other things of value bought by proceeds earned through the dealing drugs.
17.interception of drug traffic at the nation's borders
18.is called "one of the nation's gravest health and social problems"
20.the head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy

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