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Civilization of Early China

Ms. Shannik

1 2 3
4                           5  
6         7                
9 10                    
11                   12            
  13                   14          
  16 17     18

4.longest river in China (3 Words)
6.first Han emperor
7.Believed the humans by nature were selfish and greedy
10.duality of of nature (3 Words)
11.built to stop attack from the nomads (2 Words)
12.people who move around based on seasons, or following herds of local game
13.believed that people were basically good, but they needed to be trained how to behave well.
14.to live in harmony with nature
15.forced removal and banishment of a person from their country or region
19.the emperor has the support of the gods as long as he rules corrently (3 Words)
21.Trade route across Asia (2 Words)
23.science of the composition of metals
24.Being worthy of reward or honor because of one's efforts abd abilities
25.China's first and only female leader (2 Words)
1.Life force
2.geographical feature that seperates north and south China (3 Words)
3.a very fine yellow silt
4.groups of families claiming a common ancestor
5.soul is reborn until it finds enlightenment
8."enlightened one"
9.passed on from generation to generation within a family.
16.Huang He River is also known as (2 Words)
17.They introduced the use of money
18.peace or freedom from desire and suffering
20.perfered metal of the Shang dynasty
22.as succession of rulers from the same family; the period of time during which they reigned.

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