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Japanes crossword puzzle

Kylie Camp

1   2    
3 4  
    6                 7  
  8     9          
  10     11          
13                 14 15
      16 17 18          

1.a small religion group
5.when u clear your mind of any thoughts or desires that u may have
6.a beautiful way of writting something by hand
8.a small seaside town
11.powerful military lords
17.yamato prince
19.groups of familes
20.chain of islands
2.plan of government
3.a bond of loyalty between lords and vassals
4.yamato leader
7.large islands
9.belived that everything (liveing and non-liveing) has its own spirt
10.holy places
12.a samuris that is giveing a oath
14.today's culture
15.groups that were formed to protect and increase their profits
16.was a old form of how japanes people write poetry
18.capital city

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