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Why does he do that

Sarah Spaulding

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1.Critical learning place for values and sex-role expectations
5.This type of abuser feels highly entitled
8.makes access to pornography much easier
10.Unlike substance abusers, partner abusers don't hit rock
11.Has no biological connection to abuse or violence
12.Powerful way in which culture passes on its values
13.Who married Johnny in Boston
14.This type of abuser often claims to suffer from "sex addiction"
2.The primary role that substance addiction plays in partner abuse is as a(n)
3.An abuser is not born; he is
4.He knows how to get under your skin
5.Many religious writings insist that women submit to male
6.This type of abuser is aggressive with everybody
7.'Poor me', is a thought of what type of abuser
9.A boy's values develop from the full range of his experiences w/in his

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