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How well do you know Rock,n, Roll music

Karley Emeigh

Puzzle on Rock,n,Roll music

1 2
3     4 5 6
        8             9        

7.The singer who wrote Rolling In The Deep her name starts with A
8.Same person who wrote Rolling In The Deep
10.The singer who wrote WOW his first and last name starts with a M
15.The band who wrote Engel their name starts with R and their German
16.Same person who wrote Crazy Train, Aimee and My Little Man
17.Same band who wrote I Love It Loud
18.same guy who wrote Aimee and Crazy Train this song is for his son Jack
19.This bands name starts with a P and a F
1.Same band who wrote Hell's Bell's
2.Same band who wrote The Wall
3.Same band who wrote The Wall and Run Like Hell
4.Same guy who wrote Aimee, My Little Man, Crazy Train and Let me hear you scream
5.The band who wrote this song their guitar player is Nikki Sixx
6.The band that wrote this song also wrote Rock,n,Roll All Night
9.Same guy who wrote Crazy Train only the song Aimee is for his daughter Aimee
11.Same singer who wrote WOW
12.Starts with A what are the 3 other letters of this bands name
13.The singer who wrote Crazy Train his first and last name start with a O
14.Writer of this son his first name starts with D his last name begins with B

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