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Research and Development

Daniel Vasquez

You should complete the puzzle following the clues, all words correspond to the first unit called Research and Development from the book " English for Science and Engineering "

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2.The scientists work in effectives
4.You need complete this phrase "Research and xxxxxxxxxxx"
6.Are described in a list for to make the work possible.
8.The R & D brings to the companies a lot of XXXXXXX
14.The person whom is in front of the research
15.the man or woman whom works in th new discoveries
16.Are the initials for the Research and Development
17.Some companies, are investing a percentage of these in research
18.It is generated from the scientific research
1.Is necessary for advance in the technology
3.The main researches are carry out in these institutions
5.Every project requires of this for achieve the objectives
7.Is the base for the new discoveries
8.The work team presents these for to get the budget
9.The money used for support the research
10.Where are tested and developed all the experiments
11.Are necessary for the computing the collected information
12.It's a community formed by scientists
13.When their profits are great, the business is

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