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Global Stratification

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3.___ Countries: Semi-industrialized countries that represent a kind of middle class within the world system.
8.___ poverty: The situation in which individuals live on less than $275 a year, or 75 cents a day.
9.Global ___: the systematic inequalities between and among different groups within nations that result from the difference in wealth, power, and prestige of different societies relative to their position in the international economy.
12.___ poverty: The situation in which individuals live on less than $365 a year, or $1.00 a day.
13.___ Countries: socialist countries with state-managed economies and typically without a democratically elected government
1.___ Theory: The global theory maintaining that industrialized nations hold less-industrialized nations in a dependent, thus exploitative, relationship that benefits the industrialized nations at the expense of the less-industrialized ones.
2.___ Countries: Countries that have shown rapid growth and have emerged as developing countries.
4.___ Theory: Theory that capitalism is a single world economy and that there is a worldwide system of unequal political and economic relationships that benefit the technologically advanced countries at the expense of the less technologically advanced.
5.___ Countries: industrialized nations based on a market economy and with democratically elected governments.
6.___ Theory: a view of globalization in which global development is a worldwide process affecting nearly all societies that have been touched by technological change.
7.___ Countries: countries that are poor, underdeveloped, largely rural, and with high levels of poverty; typically governments in such countries are autocratic dictatorships and wealth is concentrated in the hands of a small elite.
10.___ poverty: A definition of poverty that is set in comparison to a set standard.
11.___ Countries: within world systems theory, those nations that are more technologically advanced.

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