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4.___ Family: Families where one parent (or both) lives and works in one country while the children remain in their country of origin.
5.___ Family: Family in which a married couple resides together with their children.
10.A pattern of family residence in which married couples reside with the family of the wife.
11.___ kinship: kinship systems in which family lineage (or ancestry is traced through the mother.
12.A marriage practice in which either men or women can have multiple marriage partners.
1.A primary group of people – usually related by ancestry, marriage, or adoption – who form a cooperative economic unit to care for any offspring (and each other) and who are committed to maintaining the group over time.
2.The pattern of relationships that define people’s family relationships to one another.
3.The marriage practice of a sexually exclusive marriage with one spouse at a time.
6.A pattern of family residence in which married couple reside with the family of the husband.
7.___ Families: The whole network of parents, children, and other relatives who form a family unit and often reside together.
8.___ kinship: A Kinship system where descent is traced through the father and the mother.
9.___ kinship: a kinship system that traces descent through the father.

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