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Early European Explorers in North America

Mr. Pasolli

2               3       4         5
  6     7          
      9                       10
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      15     16 17 18
23                                   24

2.A northern route to Asia became known as this.
7.A disease caused by the lack of vitamin c in one's diet.
9.Nurse, known as the "angel of the colony".
11.Near present-day Quebec City.
13.A farm developed by Champlain.
14.Narrow strips of land which may have bordered a river or road.
19.First Nations people living in Newfoundland who were killed by Europeans
22.The first seigneur of Canada.
23.First came to Canada for France in 1534.
25.The first French colony was in a region known as___________?
26.Were among the first First Nations people who befriended the Acadians,
27.peasant farmers; "those who lived on the land"
28.A settlement that is created in an area, but is controlled by a country that is often far away.
1.Italian sailor who sailed for Great Britain; arrived in North America in 1497.
3.The number of vayages Jacques Cartier made to Canada.
4.A French map-maker known as the "Father of New France"
5.Near present-day Montreal.
6.First Nations group who showed Cartier how to cure scurvy.
8.Set sail for North America with 120 men.
10.jobs of skills one has (i.e. carpenter, woodworker, farmer)
12.daughters of the king
15.A system of land division.
16.Area near Newfoundland teeming with cod fish.
17.The location of Champlain's first colony.
18."A place where the river narrows."
20.A place to live in.
21.The earliest and most successful industry in North America.
24.Probably the first Europeans to arrive in North America.

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