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Domestic Abuse Vocabulary


A crossword of terms used by Bancroft in his book, "Why Does He Do That?"

1               2
3 4                    

1.This abuser thinks that you being afraid of him is exciting.
4.a plan that is put in force in the event of leaving an abuser
7.This does not make domestic violence better or worse.
8.This is an early warning sign.
9.An abuser uses this tactic to tell his partner that she is making a big deal of things
10.This happens when a small yelling match turns into a physical altercation in time.
2.when a victim becomes emotionally dependant on the abuser
3.This type of abuser believes that if you just accept what is right, then your relationship could go better.
5.Improper treatment. Can be mental, physical, emotional, or sexual.
6.abuser's belief that he has special privledges that don't apply to his partner.

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