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SHINee Crossword


Just a simple crossword based on SHINee :) Have fun!

3     4    
  5     6    
11         12          
14         15      

2.How old is Taemin turning this year? (2011; numbers please like 11 not eleven)
3.Who swam and came first in the idol star athletics ? (clueee has m in name)
5.Who is the makanae ( youngest) of SHINee ?
7.Who was SHINee's Baby in the show " Hello Baby"?
9.What did key learn to do in the show " Raising Idols"?
10.What is Onew's favourite food?
11.What is Minho's Nickname ?( Without his name in it?)
14.Who used to go to video game stores to play games because he could'nt afford the games? ):
15.Who is the leader?
16.What's Jonghyun's nickname? ( only need to type it once)
1.When did SHINee film "Hello Baby"? ( numbers please like 1997)
4.What was the song where Minho was sitting in a red car?
5.Who is 2Min? ( the person who is 2 first)
6.Who was shown in the so called " white room" in Ring Ding Dong First?
8.Who is currently dating Shin Se Kyung?
12.What do you call a fan of SHINee? (non-plural)
13.Complete This couple : Jong___

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