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rainforest vocab tic tac toe

Max I. first block social studies

A fun yet challenging puzzle students and parents can enjoy.

2         3 4
    5 6  
7                       8
11               12        

1.an animal that eats meat
2.group of people that move in search of food
7.any living thing
9.the way an animals skin or body is to keep it from being eaten by any predators
10.the religous beleifs and way of life of a group of people
11.an animal that eats both meat and plants
13.an animal that is eaten for food
14.an animal that makes it own food
15.they way an animal changes to an be able to survive in it's habitat
16.the average temperature of an area
17.when a group of people have lived there forever
18.where in animal lives
1.to save an animal or an organism and to help keep it in existence
3.leaves, grass, etc. undergrowth in the forest
4.an animal that eats only plants
5.the way a plant turns sunlight into food
6.when people take down trees in the forest
8.something that eats all the dead stuff in the enviorment (mushrooms, etc.)
12.an animal that hunts for food

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