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Laurie Lamothe

2                   3
  4     5     6     7
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10                               11
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        32     33     34        
  36                 37  

2.focus of nursing care for complications
4.adequate circulation
8.used to stable spine injuries of the thoracic or lumbar spine
9.all gaits begin with this position
10.having a pt elevate fractured limb and wiggle fingers to promote circulation is a type of this nursing _____
12.where the break extends across the entire bone
13.within 1-4 weeks after injury, when granulation tussue changes into a _______ formation.
14.bone healing occurs in how many stages
16.fracture of the distal radius
17.top of cane should be even with the patient' greater ___________
20.a rare, serious syndrome where the primary symptom is pain
23.type of fixation where the pins are inserted into the bone above and below the fracture
24.using rods, pins, nails, screws or metal plates to align bone fragments
27.the bad leads ____
28.common childhood incomplete bone fracture
33.when a fracture never heals
35.a public health threat for an estimated 44 million Americans
36.external fixation system for tibial fractures
38.another name for an open fracture.
39.when immature bone cells are gradually replaced by mature bone cellsa
1.Plaster of Paris consisting of _________ embedded in gauze
3.observe for signs of urinary output with this type of fracture
5.most common type of fracture in young and middle aged adults
6.with skeletal traction, assess pin sites for redness, drainage, or odor, which may indicate __________
7.how traction weights should hang
11.fracture from repeated injury
15.affected limb should be __________
18.surgical procedure in which an incision is made at the fracture site
19.used for support and balance
21.use requires too upper body strength
22.healing time may ______ with age
25.another name for closed reduction
26.condition in which globules are released from the marrow the of the broken bone into the bloodstream
29.assess affected extremities for temperature, pain, motion, capillary refill time, pulses and ________
30.even though painful, it may be important to keep _______ to prevent DVT
31.by age 90, 47% of the population has sustained this type of fracture
32.used to immobilize fracure of the distal femur, knee, or lower leg
34.the good leads__
36.an arm cast should be above the _______ to prevent swelling
37.immobilizer used to secure the position of the body parts being treated

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