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4-H Guide to Raising Chickens

Heather Barnes

Learning terms associated with poultry. Suitable for intermediate and advanced members. 1 of 2.

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3.amount of water in the environment; must be regulated for incubating eggs
6.feed containing items such as oats, wheat, soybeans, and corn
8.attempt by a breeder or exhibitor to remove or hide a defect on a bird
10.act of chicken thrashing around in dirt to clean its feathers discourages parasites
11.overall quality of plumage, growth, weight, and healthy bloom (peak condition)
13.capable of producing a chick
15.sound male chicken makes at first light
18.castrated male bird
19.capable of invading living tissue and multiplying, which causes disease
23.alternate markings of two distinct colors on a feather
24.chicken manure
25.droppings or body waste
27.sound a hen makes after laying an egg or when starting to brood
29.side and rear neck plumage on a bird; feather shape often different for males and females
30.chickens that have feathers on their legs (Sultan breed)
32.light golden color
33.to care for a batch of chicks
34.light brownish-tan in color
1.chicken considered to be like a wild bird
2.serious defect or deformity that causes a chicken to be deemed ineligible
4.colored circle that surrounds the black center in the chicken's eye
5.very small stones used in a chicken's crop/ gizzard to help grind food
6.eggs are sorted according to their interior and exterior qualities
7.mass of feathers over the tail area that gives rounded effect (female Cochins)
9.young chicken from day-old to fully feathered
12.putting a tag with letters or numbers to identify a bird
14.female over one year of age
16.kill bacteria through chemical means
17.where chickens are housed
18.dark red-brown color that is darker than bay
20.circular tuft of feathers on the top of the head (Polish and Houdans)
21.enlarged part of the gullet that serves as a temporary storage space for food
22.group of chickens that live together
24.an imperfection that causes a chicken to loss scoring points
26.cluster of feathers growing from the upper throat of some breeds
28.crown on top of head
31.soft fluff covering of a day-old chick; fluffy part near bottom of any feather

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