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Animation Crossword

Casey Willman

1 2 3           4      
5               6      
8           9      

2.peer-to-peer file sharing protocol for large amounts of data
5.a computer security system that limits the computer's exposure to a computer network
6.hypertext mark up language
7.signals over a certain range of frequencies
8.a small packet of data sent from an internet browser to your computer
9.a socket on a computer you plug a device into
10.sending fake emails to gain people's personal information
11.a program that runs html
12.a part of the internet with addresses sharing a common suffix
13.a computer program that works with a host application to provide a certain function
1.wireless local area network
3.internet protocol address
4.a device that forwards data packets to a computer's network
9.determines if a connection is made between computers
10.rules formatting the format and transmission of data

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