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4-H Guide Raising Chickens

Heather Barnes

Learning terms associated with poultry. Suitable for intermediate and senior members. 2 of 2.

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2.crosswise lines or bars on feathers that form a pattern
4.internal parasites
6.show competition that involves presenting your bird and your knowledge of it to a judge
7.shedding of old feathers so new ones can grow; happens yearly with adult chickens
9.long, curved rooster tail feathers
11.clusters of feathers growing below and around the eyes and over the ear lobes
13.market chickens between three and five months old; they are larger and older than broilers
17.feathers located on the shank or toe of a clean-legged chicken
19.loose droppings stuck to the vent area where manure is expelled
21.horn projection on each lower leg of adult male birds; disqualification in a hen
22.tips on a single comb
23.injection of a dead microbe that stimulates the immune system against the microbe and prevents a disease
25.percentage killed by a disease
27.pair of red or purplish flaps of skin that dangle under a chicken's chin
29.outside opening on the upper mandible of the beak used for breathing
30.portion of the egg used to provide the growing embryo with nutrients
31.protrusion of the skull in many crested breeds
32.animal that hunts another for food
36.small parasites that can infest chickens
37.genetic trait in some chicken breeds where they have no tail feathers
40.various small insects that live on animals, including chickens
41.indistinct, irregular, or messy-looking markings that break up or destroy the intended color pattern
1.class of chickens beginning in the regions of present-day Italy, Spain, and Hungary (Leghorns, Andalusians, Anconas)
2.nutritional requirement for chickens; usually soybeans in commercial feed
3.breed subdivision that may be based on color, comb or beard
5.place usually elevated where a chicken sleeps
8.collection of feathers that covers the entire body of a bird
10.percentage affected by a disease
12.thin, horny growths that completely cover the shanks and top of the toes
14.nutritionally balanced feed
15.hen that no longer lays well
16.general term used for all domestic fowl
18.a deep, glowing red-brown color
20.act of using special feed or medication to remove worms or their larvae from a bird's system
24.plumage where a percentage of feathers are tipped white
25.deep purplish-red color of combs and wattles on some breeds (Silkies)
26.border of contrast color around the entire web of a feather; should be distinct and uniform
28.color that is medium shade of red ochre
32.breed when mated with the same breed always produces like offspring
34.round extension found at the end of a rose comb
35.chick that has successfully broken a hole in an egg's shell in the hatching process
38.color pattern that results from matings involving blue genetics
39.rear opening on the cloaca where manure is expelled and eggs are laid

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