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Classical Music Era Review

Laura Blackwood

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7.One of the wars that was fought during the Classical period (2 Words)
10.The French queen who was executed by the revolutionaries during the Classical period. (2 Words)
11.Mozart's home town.
12.To gradually get louder
13.The texture of music in the Classical period was mostly ________________.
14.These ensembles were generally larger in the Classical period than in the Baroque period.
16.What Beethoven died from (discovered in 2003). (2 Words)
19.The name of the music period whose dates are 1750-1820
22.This means accenting the unexpected - it is a development in musical rhythm during this period.
23.This is the surprise in the "Surprise" Symphony by Haydn. (2 Words)
25.The first President of the United States.
28.This opera has characters who are birds and also gives away musical clues about the secrets of the Freemasons. (2 Words)
29.A young child who is extremely talented in music.
30.One of the most important instrument for composers of the period because of its ability to play different dynamics.
31.This symphony of Beethoven's begins with one of the most recognizable four-note motives in history.
1.Beethoven was __________ by his late twenties.
2.The city that was the major center of musical activity during the Classical period
3.This opera by Mozart was based on a French play that was banned by Emporer Joseph. (3 Words)
4.This is the social class that composers tried to please during the Classical period. (2 Words)
5.This is where Mozart is buried.
6.This French leader was part of the French Revolution then decided he wanted to be Emporer during the Classical period.
8.Mozart's middle name
9.This is the number of symphonies Beethoven composed.
15.This opera by Mozart was about the condemnation of a rebellious son. (2 Words)
17.Classical composers often used popular __________ ___________ in their music. (2 Words)
18.The Austrian Emporer who hired Mozart to compose an opera.
20.These were tuneful (you could sing them) and easy to remember during the Classical period
21.Classical composers often ______________ __________ _________ the rich in their compositions to entertain the middle class. (3 Words)
24.One word that describes the music of the period.
26.He was a teacher to both Mozart and Beethoven.
27.A good word to describe Beethoven's temperment.

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