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8         9                
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2.A simple machine requires this in order to operate.
4.A simple machine can change the direction or ____ of a force.
6.A simple machine performs work by applying one or more ____.
7.An inclined plane makes it easier to move an object upward, but the ____ to perform the work is larger.
8.A snow shovel is an example of this simple machine.
9.When you pull on a pulley, the pulley will change the ____ of the force applied to it.
11.A push or a pull.
12.A device that does work.
13.This type of simple machine is used to raise and lower a flag on a flagpole.
14.A simple machine that consists of two inclined planes placed back-to-back.
15.A ____ and a fulcrum make up this simple machine.
16.A ____ is an example of a lever.
1.Work is equal to the product of force ____ distance.
3.Simple machines make performing work ____.
5.A wheelchair ramp is an example of this simple machine. (2 words - include space in puzzle)
6.The fixed point or support on which a lever turns when moving.
10.This type of simple machine is in the form of a lever.
14.Using a force to move an object across a distance.

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