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French Words That Are English

Hyuneun CHO

Many French words are used in English, and they are very useful to know. These words are found in such fields as fashion, food, and social manner.

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  57   58 59 60                    

3.Old, used especially of furniture and household items; out of date
5.Expensive pate made from goose liver
6.Face to face
11.A stereotype, a phrase or opinion that is overused
15.A woman who flirts girlishly with men to gain their admiration; a flirt
17.Joy of living
19.A style of decoration
22.A wide street in a city
23.Small, skinny
25.Model, a style dummy human figure used in window displays
27.An attractive and seductive woman, especially one who will ultimately bring disaster to a man who becomes involved with her
29.Memories, something that you keep to remind you of somewhere you have been on holiday
30.In the morning
32.Please reply ( Abbr.)
33.An alcoholic drink taken before a meal: ricard, martini,cocktail
36.The best of the best
38.Coffee with milk
40.Head to head, a private talk or visit with another person
42.A bouquet of flowers worn pinned on a woman's dress
43.That's life
45.Good manner
46.Ready to eat
49.In a group
50.A line of people
51.To know how to live
55.Appointment, meeting
56.Enjoy your meal
57.Born, e.g. Hillary Clinton ____ Rodham.
60.The golden age of art in France in the early 20th Century or when we cherish the past
62.Type, used mostly in art and film
2.In sequence, and then
3.In fashion, trendy
4.A complete reversal of opinion or position, about face
7.Daily, everyday, ordinary
9.Black movie, e.g. depressing, morbid
10.A walk, a public place for walking
12.An appetizer before the main course
13.Before guard, innovative, especially in the arts
14.Innovative, especially in the arts
16.Nice to meet you
20.A workshop of an artist or designer
21.Have a good trip
23.Ready to wear, opposite of haute couture
24.Wine, cheese or some rare food tasting
26.A person who knows how to enjoy life
28.The newest fashion or trend
34.Reason for being
35.Overthrow of the government
37.Wonderful, excellent, out of ordinary capacity
39.A man who is engaged to be married
41.A bunch of flowers
43.A disguise or covering up
44.Fixation, obsession, set idea
47.I love, a name of perfume by Dior
48.Dish of the day
53.Entrance or the first course of a meal
58.Study or a short musical composition designed as an exercise to improve the technique of a prayer
59.Adjective describing a person who lacks experience or sophistication

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