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Living Democracy ch 12-14 key terms

Michael Hetrick

A puzzle to help with the last few chapters key terms. In order to solve the puzzle omit spaces in multi-word key terms eg. Electoral College would be input as electoralcollege. Enjoy!

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2.states in which the outcome of the presidential ellection is uncertain
4.the individuals selected by a party to run for office
6.process whereby voters can remove from office an elected official before the next scheduled election
7.model of thinking about policymaking as an unordered mix of problems and solutions
8.the sense that the result of a decision-making processis a proper outcome in the minds of thepeople who must live with that outcome
9.advantage from various factors that favor one candidate over another
11.funds contributed through a loophole in federal campaign finance regulations
12.percentage of citizens legally able to vote, who actually do
14.local party organizations that influencedelections and operated on the basis of patronage and behind the scenes control
17.participation where citizens get involved in public matters
20.barriers from perceptionsand beliefs that help maintain the two party system
25.the expansion of economic interactions between countries
26.the power to apply policy in ways that fit particular circumstances
28.advocates of particular solutions to problems
30.primary system in which voters are allowed to cast ballots in teh primary election w/o declaring their party affiliation
33.party founded by alexander hamiltonwhose members believed in strong centralized govt
34.primary to raise money and attract media attention early in the election process
35.party model where the goal is to shape public policy
36.the set of issues, priciples, and goals that a party supports
37.participation where citizens occasionally get involved, such as during elections
38.ammendment that required a seperate vote tally in the electoral college for president/vice president
39.groups organized to allow the unlimited expenditure of campaign money
1.first american political party formed by believers in states rights and followers of thomas jefferson
3.ammendment granting women the right to vote
5.the loss of affinity for party politics among voters who no longer consider themselves partisans
10.Law passed by congress in 1993 to make it easier to register to vote
13.ammendment granting the right to vote regardless of ethnicity
15.barriers from legal provisions that limit the possibilities of minor parties in the US
16.party control when when one house controls the white house and another controls one or both branches of congress
18.a way of thinking about how policy is made in terms of of steps in a progression
19.pary model where the goal is to win offices for material gain and distribution of jobs
21.party control when teh executive and a majority of members in both houses of legislature are of the same political party
22.a voter who is not registered or affiliated with any political party
23.primary system in which only registered members of the party are allowed to cast ballots
24.the shorthand name of a scandal that led to the impeachment of President Nixon
27.laws stipulating the maximum number of terms that an ellected official may serve in a particular office
29.secret ballot which keeps voters choices confidential
31.practice, employed 48 states, awarding all of a states electoral college votes to candidate with the greatest votes
32.greek philosopher often considered the first political scientist

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