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Epic Videogame Puzzle

Adam T Czerniak

A collection of videogames questions throughout the years and genres.

1 2 3                  
6   7                
        8         9
    10     11  
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  15 16          
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        20   21  

2.PS3 exclusive that causes baby punching
4.Jack Slate's faithful companion
5.New equipment first shown in Halo 3 trailer
6.Assault Amphibians
8.Chel's robotic overlord
12.Isaac Clarke's undead foes
13.His head lights the way for Kratos
14.Darksider's steed
16.Bulletstorm DLC, Gun ________
17.Modern Warfare perk that adds 25% bullet resistance, also, cheap as hell
23.Online mode for Bulletstorm
24.Controversial MW2 level
25.Mother to Ocelot
1.Belmont's newest tool for dispatching evil
3.First gadget aquired in Arkham
6.Undead Nightmare weapon that uses body parts for ammo
7.Explosive Gears of War move
9.RDR "monster" that eats berries, not babies
10.Mario is to Luigi as Peach is to her
11.Long-running CoD character
15.Full Spectrum sequel
16.Cross-platform FPS
18.Shepard's spaceship
19.Exact number of used "Imagine:" titles for the DS
20.Adam's favorite Street Fighter
21.Killzone 2's warzone
22.Not 1337 grenade launcher

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