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Greek mythology

Chloe Choi

1 2
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3.The goddess of rainbow, a messenger of other gods
7.The goddess of land, Chaos' daughter
9.How many gods and goddess lived on Olympus?
11._____ is sixth planet frome the Solar System, _____ is named after Cronus
13.The god of time, titan
14.Where did the gods live?
16.____ was doomed to support the earth on his shoulders.
17.A hero, singing poet, he went to hell for finding his wife, but he failed
20.The god of sun, medical, music, and predict, twin brother of Artemis
23.Wife of Eros, meanings of her name were "butterfly" and "spirit"
24._____ is the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest planet within the Solar System, Zeus' other name
27.The first woman in Greek mythology who had a box, meaning of her name is "all-gifted"
30.A titan god who stole fire for human
31.A hat of Hades. once you wear this, no one can see you
34.Son of Aphrodite, god of love, Cupid
35.A person who feel in love with himself
36.The god of fire and metalworkers
37.Mother of Zeus, ______ is the second-largest moon of Saturn
40.The goddess of hunting and moon, a twin sister of Apollon
43.The temple of Athena
46.A hero, son of Zeus, his name's meaning was glory of Hera but she hated him
47.The messenger god, the first thief in Greek mythology
48.Mother of Achilleus
51.A weapon of Zeus, Hephaestos made this
53.The goddess of music, very famous English rock band
54._____ caused a fight of three goddess who were Athena, Hera and Aphrodite, a fruit, a company of iPod
55._____ is the second planet from the Sun and the sixth largest, another name of Aphrodite
56.Race of warrior women, a huge on-line bookstore;_______.com
57._____ is the fourth planet from the Sun in the Solar System, another name of Ares
1.The goddess of victory, rival of Reebox
2.A king with the golden touch, who transformed everything he touched to gold
4.A hero who killed Medusa, husband of andromeda
5.Once you see her eyes, you'll turn to be stone
6.The first god before the world existed, completely disorder
8.Homer's _____ is a famous and an oldest epic
9.War which made famous by Helen, one of a computer viruses
10.A nymph who was cursed to forever "have the last word."
12.The god of the river which was surrounding the end of land, ocean is named after him
15._____ is the innermost and smallest planet in the Solar System, another name of Hermes
16.A shield of Zeus, and Athena, Athena put in Medusa's head
18.The god of dream, morphine
19.Winged horse
21.The god of joy and wine
22.A captain of Greece soilders at Troy war
25.Wife of Hades, daughter of Demeter
26.He was loved by Aphrodite and Persephone, a name of a flower
28.The goddess of beauty and love
29.A hero who killed Minotaur who was half man and half bull
32.Zeus' wife, goddess of marriage
33.He had a weak point on his heel, he died at Troy war
38.The first prince of Troy
39.The god of the sky, ______ is seventh planet from the sun
41.King of the gods
42.The god of the sea
44.The city of goddess of wisdom, war, and justice, and the capital of Greece
45.Mother of Apollon and Artemis
49.The goddess of day
50.The god of war, a lover of Aphrodite
51.A name of a movie and a ship, staring by Leonardo DiCario
52._____ caused Troy war, Helen's husband

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