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50's 60's auto

Jordan Michaelson

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6.What was the most famous automotive city?
7.What ford car was discontinued in 1959?
10.Who came up with the idea of putting lots of chrome on automobiles?
12.what continent did ford introduce itself to in 1967?
15.what ford car was introduced in 1955?
16.How many companies belonged to GM?
17.who overtook Chrysler for second place in 1950?
19.who made the cheifton?
1.What company made the Mustang?
2.What company made the GTO?
3.How many companies belonged to Ford?
4.who made the 1951 Hotshot?
5.when Ford was reorganized in 1969, who was the chairman?
8.What company made the Charger?
9.what kind of tape recording machines were developed?
11.by the end of the fifties, how many millions of cars were on the road?
13.what listening device no longer required vacuum tubes and came in a variety of sizes?
14.Big machine that played a person's choice of music
18.How many companies belonged to Chrysler?

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