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Video Effects and Transitions

Steve Fan

1                   2      
  4     5                            
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    8                                 9     10    
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22 23                             24    
25         26     27 28              
        30                   31
  32                       33      
35                       36              

1.The amount of space in front or behind the actor
4.A command to do something
5.A version of the film with no dissolves
8.creating a wider beam of light by moving the lamp closer to a fresnel lens
9.Head of the electrics crew
12.A board covered with a silvers surface used to beam light at an actor
14.An editing technique most often used in films to establish action occurring at the same time in two different locations
16.Smooth fade from one image to the next
17.A person who recreates the sounds a actor would make
18.A shot that shows the full body
19.A system of cables used to move video in and out of a computer
23.Sounds created by foley artists to imitate the sound of the actor's clothing when he moves
24.A piece of cloth used to imitate the sky
25.Sound effects used to imitate the sounds created by the movements of an actor
28.A board used to redirect and diffuse light
30.Any shot from the dolly
32.Any substance used to help spread out light
33.A crew member that moves scenery
35.A dolly that can move in all directions
36.The collection of shots that depict a scene from different angle
37.A shot that includes only the head and shoulders of an actor
38.A shot that shows a small portion of something
39.The first assisstant to either the gaffer or the key grip
2.The cuts are intended to be unobtrusive except for special dramatic shots
3.The first version of the edited movie
4.A fast zoom in, used to bring in sudden focus to a particular character or thing
6.When the details of one shot do not match with the next
7.The director of Photography
8.A person who monitors and changes the focus of the camera
10.A type of lighting instrument
11.Swinging Doors on the front of a light that allows the electrican to cut off portions of the light beam
13.Cutting together 2 shots of 2 different people
15.An ability on a camera that allows it to focus automatically
20.Making sure that the details of one shot get to the next
21.A situation when the actor can move a great distance toward or away from the camera and still be in focus
22.A person responsible for pushing the dolly around
24.a camera that contains a recording deck
26.White fabric used to diffuse light
27.A rolling platform containing a camera
29.Giving the final approval of the film
31.An edit of the film where small changes are made
34.Size, type, and shape of the media used in a project

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