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Skin Disorders

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2.interfere with viral replication - used for HSV
3.thick, dried exudate remaining after vesicles rupture
6.used to prevent and treat wound infection in serious burns
9.kills parasites and their eggs, used in lice and scabies
10.raised, solid lesion >1cm in diameter
11.abrasion caused by scratching
13.stress ulcers that develop after severe burns
16.common name for herpes zoster infection
17.bright red papules
18.removal of debris and necrotic tissue from a wound
19.superficial, irregular swelling
22.inflammation of the skin where two skin surfaces touch
23.used to treat fungal infections
24.raised, solid lesion with clearly defined margins <1cm in diameter
25.called liver spots
26.i.e. vitiligo
28.dissolves keratin and slows bacterial growth
33.degree of burn which includes epidermis, dermis and underlying tissues
34.skin condition that affects hair follicles and sebaceous glands
36.firm or soft lesion that extends deep into the dermis
38.distinct flat area with color different from surrounding area
1.inflamed hair follicles with white pustules
4.degree of burn where blisters are seen
5.used to reduce inflammation in various skin disorders
7.skin tags
8.raised, well defined cavity that contains pus
12.raised, fluid filled cavity <1cm in diameter
14.used to treat skin infections
15.topical agent used to treat acne
20.caused by human papillomavirus
21.skin graft using pts own skin
24.combined papules that form a raised area >1cm in diameter
27.degree of burn where large thick walled blisters, exposed dermis
30.reduces formation of comedones
31.dry or greasy skin flakes
32.fluid filled cavity in dermis or subcutaneous tissue
33.degree of burn that is pink to red and painful
35.thin walled fluid filled chamber >1cm in diameter

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