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Human Rights in Canada

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1.treating individuals or groups, unfairly or differently because of sex,race,religion,age, or disability
5.first nations person who is registered legally under the Indian Act (2 Words)
8.a term originated by Aboriginal peoples to describe themselves and to recognize that they belong to distinct cultural groups with sovereign rights bases on being Canada's first inhabitants (2 Words)
9.a method of evaluating applicants for independent immigration, using categories and points (2 Words)
11.one who believes in the social, economic, and political equality of the sexes
13.anything that prevents someone from participating fully and equally in society (3 Words)
15.equal payment for work evaluated as equal in worth (2 Words)
22.actions that appear to be neutral but that have the effect of discriminating against most memebers of a group (2 Words)
23.a preconceived opinion of a person based on the person's belonging to a certain group
24.assertion of the right to certain lands, as in claim to land long used by Aboriginal peoples (2 Words)
25.judging, or forming an opinion of one person of a group and applying that judgment to all members of the group
2.treatment of others that is unfair (on the basis of prejudice or stereotype) and on purpose (2 Words)
3.a legitimate, reasonable necessity(requirement) of a job; a possible defence against unfair discrimination in hiring and other employment situations (4 Words)
4.right that protect a person from unfair treatment by other individuals and governments (2 Words)
6.categories or types of discrimination protected by law (3 Words)
7.the term used in the Constitution Act, 1982, to descrive First Nations peoples who are not Inuit or Metis
10.the principle that treatment of all employees should be based on their abilities and be fair, just, and impartial; generally aimed at women (2 Words)
12.the right to vote in politcal elctions; franchise
14.removing a barrier or changing a policy to avoid discrimination
16.a financial or health and safety risk that makes it possible to accommodate a complainant in a discrimination case (2 Words)
17.a person not registered under the Indian Act but who ca show legal descent from a band that signed a treaty with the federal government in Canada (2 Words)
18.unwelcome actions or conduct of a sexual nature toward another person (2 Words)
19.he rights of the group, rather than the individual (2 Words)
20.a person who makes an allegation of discrimination
21.the process of absorbing a minority into the prevailing culture

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