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A Very StarKid Crossword


A crossword puzzle made out of love for Team StarKid. Clues range from all of StarKid's productions, from Little White Lie to Starship, with some random fact as well. All of the clue's are actor's first names with 1 execption, which is not a name.

1 2
3         4
      5 6
7         8   9
  10     11                
    13     14              
15   16              
18             19  
26 27       28      

3.Wrote songs for MAMD with AJ
11.Received an Indian Burn Hex
12.Loves cleaning and Swifter Vacs
13.Only girl who think's Joey Richter is "odd"
14."Download Complete"
16.In MAMD, Ali Gordon's BFF
18."Hey man you want some bubble gum?"
20."Dumb Blonde"
21.Record Holder for saying "Welcome"
22.Sings with a guitar without playing it
24.Rocks an eye patch in AVPS
27.Makes Crooked Jaws Cute
28.Writer/Experienced Clubhouse builder
30.New York lover and author
31.Bobba Fett lover
1.Creator of "Totally Awesome"
2.In LWL, Darren's love interest
4.The best production company on YouTube
5.Writer/ High School Muscial Obsessed
6.God bless her hair for the numerous beatings
7.Muscial Theater U of M graduate/ New StarKid
8.Only person to wear a bird suit...so far
9."I want to hug and kiss you!"
10.Writer/ Comfortable on stage in anything
15.piano playing genius
17.When he rules the world he'll plant flowers
19."Super Mega Foxy Awesome Hot"
22.Responsible for the awesome dance moves in the Sequel
23.Duder's a spy!
24.Awesome scenery man!
25.Does he have another phone call?
26.Killer Smile and lover of World Peace
27.Likes to ear make-up on stage
29.Has a song named after her on the StarKid Album
30.Looks great in tight white pants

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