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Filipino Crossword

1 2
4               5 6

3.An important nursing implication is to respect the emphasis Filipinos put on what?
4.The majority of the Filipino population is what religion?
7.The best Basic Concepts teacher at PV nursing school is Mrs?
8.An important Filipino health belief is to not walk what?
9.An important Filipino health belief is to not sleep with your hair what?
10.The most predominant health-care job for filipinos are what?
1.What is the national language of the Philippines?
2.A famous Filipino artist Apl de ap is a member of what world famous recording group? (hint: hit songs include Boom Boom Pow and I Got a Feeling).
5.The Filipino flag consists of these colors : white, blue, red, and what?
6.The average Filipino is ________ than the average American

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