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Quiz 4

  2 3
  4 5            
      8     9
10     11                     12  
      13 14        
      15                     16        

5.This is judging others' behavior with respect to the domestic morality.
7.This refers to both spoken language and talk in general.
11.These are examples of the type of politeness that demonstrates closeness and affiliation.
15.Girls play in these types of groups and engage in minimal status negotiations.
17.This type pf politeness demonstrates distance and formality.
18.Women often do this in regard to their certainty whereas mean do this in regard to their doubts
19.This researcher states that biological sex, male power, and language are in the same phase.
20.This is the most intimate form, mutual self-disclosure.
1.According to DeFrancisco (1991), wives used these more to signal that they were listening (e.g. uh huh, ok, yeah).
2.According to Tannen, women's conversation is this type of talk.
3.This researcher opposes the view that "work"means social paid work only.
4.This is Dale Spender's point of view.
6.High-.....speakers are rather quiet, and choose not to impose on the conversation.
8.According to Tannen, men's conversation is this
9.This type of politeness demonstrate closeness and affiliation.
10.This persons study (1978,1998) shows that conversational 'labor' is divided unequally and there is an unequal division of labor on grounds of sex.
12.These are examples of the type politeness shows distance and formality.
13.This is the exchange of information connected with the traditional female role.
14.This is the overt expression of women's anger (not public talk).
16.High-..... speakers are concerned to show enthusiastic support in simultaneous speech.

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