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Growth and Development: Theories

RDiaz, RN, BSN

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6.According to Erikson this age group is identified as being in the stage of Identity versus Role confusion.
10.Freud stated that this phase involved the major conflict of the Oedipus complex.
12.During this congnitive phase language development is rapid.
15.This theorist adapted and expanded on Freud's developmental theory.
16.This stage involves the development of relationships between same sex peers.
17.According to Erikson this age group is identified as being in the stage of Integrity versus Despair.
18.During this cognitive phase the child begins to utilize rational thinking.
19.His theoretical framework addressed the theory of moral development.
20.This theorist based his theory on 5 phases of cognitive development.
21.This theorist identified the id, ego, and super ego.
1.Freud described this stage as occuring during and continuing after puberty.
2.According to Erickson this stage occurs in late childhood.
3.This stage of development occurs during infancy until 1 1/2 years of age.
4.In this cognitive phase the child includes others in his environment and egocentric thinking deminishes.
5.This age group is desribed in Erikson's developmental stages as Autonomy versus Shame and Doubt.
7.The age group that is likely to be included in Erikson's phase of Generativity versus Stagnation.
8.This phase of cognitive development occurs between birth and 24 months.
9.The developmental stage of this age group is Trust versus Mistrust.
11.This age group is described in Erikson's developmental stages as Intimacy versus Isolation.
13.This cognitive phase occurs during the age of 7-11 and the child begins to solve concrete problems.
14.This stage involves toilet training.

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