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Substance Use & Abuse

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1.Residential programs where clients spend from 6 months to 3 years. Main goal is abstinence from lifestyle they once lived. (2 words)
6.The compulsive use of a substance that will end up requiring treatment to abstain from use substance
11.Problematic use that ends up affecting individuals and their families
15.Client remains in own home, but has resources available to them. (2 words)
17.Chemical dependency is _______.
18.Chemical dependency as a disorder that can be ______ but not cured.
19.Social workers _______ clients in individual and group sessions to assist them in dealing with substance abuse, mental and physical illness, poverty, unemployment, or physical abuse.
20.Approximately 1.8 million people die each year due to _______ related problems.
2.Protect the client's privacy by maintaining the confidentiality of every client record through the safekeeping of, and refusal to disclose, confidential information acquired through teaching, practice, research or investigation.
3.Abusing medication given out from a prescription in order to get high.
4.___ ______ ___ increased federal funding for substance abuse research as well as treatment programs to help the individual and their families. (3 words)
5.A focus on clients strengths rather than their weaknesses. Emphasis on what client can do and not on the problem(s) they have.
7.Clients live in a facility while in treatment. 12-step program is emphasized, along with individual and group therapy. Controls treatment process. (2 words)
8.temporary residences to transition from the inpatient program to real-life living.
9.Safe environment where client is able to withdrawal from substance.
10.19th Century: Alcohol began to be seen as problematic, which resulted in the growth of the _________ ________ (2 words)
12.In 2005 3.6 million abused or dependent on _______ _____ . (2 words)
13._________ abuse causes many deaths, accidents, disabilities, and illnesses compared to any other preventable health problem.
14.In 1933, the ___________ was repealed therefore the use of alcohol became widely used and acceptable again.
16.In 2000 _______ was the number one addiction substance in the world.

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