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Village of Palampur

Vikram Sobhani

Economics Class IX CBSE

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3.Main occupation of people in Palampur
5.Passive factor of production
7.Machinery is an example of this capital
8.This comprises of one third of the population of the village of Palampur
13.Example of working capital
14.Number of primary school that the village of Palampur has.
16.Active factor of production
17.The resource that cahnged the system of irrigation
1.Another occupation related to milk of people of the village of Palampur
2.Jowar and bajra are example of this type
4.Grow more than one crop on a piece of land during the year (2 Words)
6.people in the village of Palampur who work on others farms (2 Words)
9.A unit of measuring land
10.animal driven source of transport
11.number of upper caste families in village of Palampur
12.A means of transport and also used for farming
14.A major mean of irrigation for the farming acitivity in Palampur
15.Neighbouring village of Palampur

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