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Mice and Men Review

1 2 3
4           5     6
  11       12   13    
15               16        

4.He said, "The things I could do, if I didn't have you."
5.The only character in the novel that would not be considered poor
8.Doesn't have a name in the book; is killed by Lennie (two words, no space)
9.Owns the luger that George uses to kill Lennie
11.First person to take care of Lennie (two words, no spaces)
15.Likes to pet soft things, like a child
16.Keeps a glove on his left hand
17."I shoulda' shot that dog myself, George. I shouldn't a let no stranger shoot my dog."
18.First person to find Curly's wife dead
1.Color of the dress that Lennie tries to touch that gets him in trouble
2.The name of the period America was in at the time, economic term
3.type of animal Lennie pets in his pockets, but always kills
6.The god-like character
7.In the end, the character who best represents the tragedy of the novel
9.The only character (besides the Boss and Curly) who has his own room
10.Lennie wants to tend these when he and George get their "dream' farm
12.Because of his color, probably lowest on the ladder on the ranch
13.George and Lennie's farm is their ___________ dream.
14.The only character in the novel that isn't mean, ever
16.Missing a hand

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