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Phylum Chordata - Module 13

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3 4          
8                     9              
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1.controls involuntary actions
4.carry blood toward the heart
5.circulatory system in which the blood cells never leave the blood vessels
7.tiny vessels that allow the exchange of gases and nutrients
8.soft tissue inside the bone that produces blood cells
9.located in the brain and coordinates a creature's response to info
12.coordinates vital funtions and transport signals from the brain to the spinal cord
13.fertilization in which a male fertilizes eggs outside of the female
14.development of an egg that hatches inside the female
20.receive signals from receptors in the eyes
21.heart chamber from which blood is pumped out
22.fresh water to salt water back to fresh water
23.lobes that receive signals from receptors in the nose
2.skeleton inside
3.supports and protects the head and neck
4.offspring gains nutrients from the mother through a placenta
6.lacking an internal mechanism for regulating body heat
10.extremely low metabolism and respiration accompanied by lower than normal body temperatures
11.development of an egg that hatches outside the female
15.segments of bone arranged into a backbone
16.carries blood away from the heart
17.fertilization in which a male place sperm inside the female's body
18.mixture of salts phospholipids that aid in the breakdown of fat
19.rod of fexible material that runs the length of a creatures body
22.heart chamber that receives blood

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