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Street Law


Terms from Law

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2.Defendant sentenced to serve time in jail or prison.
4.Supreme Court rules juveniles were entitled to four rights.
5.Defendant is required to pay back or make up for whatever loss or injury caused.
7.Sentence made by judge.
9.Defendant is released to the supervision of a probation officer.
15.____________ and Delinquency Prevention Act of 1974
17.Judge decides juvenile is better of in detention.
22.Defendant must pay money amount.
25.Contributing to the _______________________.
26.Help to change behavior.
27.Equivalent of parole for adult criminals.
1.Youths that have commited what would be crimes if done by adult.
3.Parents pay for childs behavior.
6.Hearing to see if movement for youth will occur.
8.Sentence doesn't have to served at the current time.
10.Formal process to decide which cases go to juvenile courts.
11.When parent or guarding fails to privide adequate care.
12.Determines the facts of a case.
13.Criminal physically seperated from society for protection purposes.
14.Discourage from committing crimes.
16.Term meaning revenge.
18.Defendant must serve sentence at home.
19.When a person becomes an adult.
20.Has two purposes; offense was committed and accused committed it.
21.Youths that have commited acts not deemed crimes.
23.Defendant can work in the community but must return to prison at night.
24.Sexual, physical, or emotional in nature.

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