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9th Grade Earth Science ~ Chapter 16


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1.long, relatively narrow depression in the seafloor that can extend for thousands of kilometers, is the deepest part of the ocean basin, and is found primarily in the Pacific Ocean
3.long ridge of sand or other sediment deposited or shaped by longshore currents that is separated from the mainland and can be up to tens of kilometers long
7.coastal area of brackish water formed where the lower end of a freshwater river or stream enters the ocean; provides an excellent source of food and shelter to commercially imported marine organisms
8.sloping oceanic region found beyond the continental shelf that generally marks the edge of the continental crust and may be cut by submarine canyons
9.sloping band of loose sediments, such as sand, pebbles, or mud, deposited along a shoreline
10.shallowest part of a continental margin, with an average depth of 130 m and an average width of 60 km, that extends into the ocean from the shore and provides a nutrient-rich home to large numbers of fish
11.basaltic, submerged volcano on the seafloor that is more than 1 km high
12.rapidly flowing ocean current that can cut deep-sea canyons in continental slopes and deposit the sediments in the form of a continental rise
13.chains of underwater mountains that run throughout the ocean basins, having a total length over 65 000 km, and contain countless active and extinct volcanoes
14.submerged sandbar located in the surf zone of most beaches
2.gently sloping accumulation of sediments deposited by a turbidity current at the foot of a continental margin
4.current that flows parallel to the shore, moves large amounts of sediments, and is formed when incoming breakers spill over a long shore bar
5.smooth, flat part of the seafloor covered with muddy sediments and sedimentary rocks that extends seaward from the continental margin
6.submerged part of a continent and shallowest part of the ocean that consists of the continental shelf, the continental slope, and the continental rise

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