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Rock, country and blues

Crossword of blues, rock country etc.

1 2
3 4 5   6      
7 8   9                  
  11         12          
16               17     18
19                 20 21    
  22                 23            
26           27     28           29
31                   32                         33    
    34           35                
  36       37     38                
  39   40          
41                       42   43            
46                     47
  48 49                    
    51               52            

6.Curtis ??? - Lynyrd Skynyrd song
9.Fleetwood Mac's long time bassist
10.Drum playing brother of Eddie Van Halen
12.Band who sang "new kid in town" and "life in the fastlane"
13.John Fogerty's first solo album
14.Surname of Free guitarist
16.Chuck Berry has had too much of this type of business
20.Bob Dylan was tangled up in ???
22.Pancho's partner
23.Rory song from Top Priority "at the ???"
26.Kris' least favourite day
30.How Johnny Cash aqquired his cadillac
31.Alias of bluesman Chester Burnette
32.Neil Young's backing band for the Harvest album
34."hey good lookin" singer
37.Bill Wards band
41.Only guitarist ever to guest on a Beatles track
42.Female name that BB King gave to his guitar
45.Waylon and Willie sang about a ??? woman
46.??? blue eyes - a hit for the Who
49.Mike ??? - Long term guitarist with the Heartbreakers
50."radio ???" - Springsteen single from the album Magic
51.A double explosion from Mr Hooker?
52.Early Phil Lynott group
53."Gimme ???" a hit for the Stones
1.Robert Johnson's home sweet home
2.Guitarist SRV's home state
3.Did this guitarist come a cropper?
4.Steve Earle recorded this track with the Pogues
5.Otis Redding likes to sit here
7.Knopfler solo album "sailing to ???"
8.Final Creedence album, recorded as a 3 piece
11.Emmylou Harris spent her early career duetting with this 'light' singer songwriter
15.Early hit for Johnny Cash "hey ???"
17."High-school ???" - Jerry Lee Lewis' 50's hit
18.Guy Clark's wife
19.??? Jones - original Stones guitarist
21.Hendrix was once a sideman for this rock n roll star
24.Bassist and singer with ZZ Top
25.Albert King was born under a ???
27.This country legend looks exhausted
28.Chris Smither's green-grocer has none in stock
29.Album by 'nosey parkers' AC/DC
33.Jimi's favourite guitar
35.Motorhead like it fast and ???
36.Claptons Bluesbreaker's replacement
38."blue suede shoes" and "matchbox"composer
39.An unlucky album for Rory
40.Canned Heat and Willie Nelson are both "on the ???"
43.Willie Nelson ditty made famous by Miss Cline
44."damn the ???" - Tom Petty album
47.Nickname for Who bassist John Entwhistle
48."Eat a ???" - Allman Brothers Band album

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