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The House of Mango Street: Vignettes 1-7 Review (Figurative Language, Characters, and Plot)

By Ms. Iocco

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1.The phrases, "with windows so small you'd think they were holding their breath," and "my hair is lazy," are examples of ___________________________________ because human characteristics are given to non-human things.
7.Esperanza's ____________________________ has hair like a broom, all up in the air.
11.The phrase, "I am a red balloon," is an example of ______________________________ because it is a comparison between two unlike things without using like or as.
12.Sandra ____________________________is the Mexican-American author of The House on Mango Street.
13.The House on Mango Street only has _________________________ washroom and bedroom which the whole family has to share.
14.Rachel tells Esperanza that she will be her friend forever if Esperanza gives her ____________________ dollars.
15.Nenny's real name is ____________________________, which Esperanza thinks is even uglier than her name.
19.The seventh vignette within this novel is called, "________________________________"
20.Although, Nenny and Esperanza do not look alike, they have the same _______________________________. It is all of a sudden and surprised like a pile of dishes breaking.
21.The House on Mango Street is essentially a collection of stories, known as ____________________________, based on real people that it's author encountered throughout her life.
22.The first vignette within this novel is called, "The House on ________________________ Street."
26.The phrase, "My Papa's hair is like a boom," is an example of ______________________________because it is a comparison between two unlike things by using like or as.
27.The phrase, "Nenny's hair is slippery," is an examples of ___________________________because descriptive language is used here which appeals to the sense of touch (one of the five senses)
28.Esperanza's family's ________________________ house would be "white with trees around it, a big yard and grass growing without a fence."
31.Esperanza's brothers' __________________________ and Kiki are best friends who have plenty to say to their sisters' inside the house, but pretend they don't know them when outside.
32.The fifth vignette within this novel is called, "Cathy Queen of ________________."
34.Esperanza desperately wants a best __________________________ one day who will understand her jokes and listen to her secrets.
35.In English, Esperanza's name means, _____________________________, but itr also means sadness, waiting, and a muddy color.
36.The third vignette within this novel is called, "Boys & _______________________."
38.The House on Mango Street was published in ______________________________.
2._______________________________ is the young narrator of The House on Mango Street.
3.The fourth vignette within this novel is called, "My ________________________."
4.Esperanza inherited her name from her great-__________________________.
5.______________________ is Lucy's loud little sister.
6.Esperanza and her namesake were both born in the Chinese year of the ___________________________.
8.The sixth vignette within this novel is called, "Our _________________________ Day."
9.Rachel and Lucy need money to buy a _______________________.
10.Esperanza's ____________________________ has hair that is the warm smell of bread before you bake it."
16.Cathy Queen of Cats told Esperanza that she could only be her friend until next __________________________ because that is when her family is moving away because the neighborhood is getting bad.
17.____________________________ is Esperanza's younger sister with slippery hair who is not Esperanza's friend, but, rather, she is Esperanza's responsibility.
18.Cathy Queen of Cats says that she is the great great grand cousin of the queen of _______________________, but this probably isn't true.
23.Although, Esperanza has inherited her great-grandmother's name and Chinese sign, she doesn't want to inherit her great-grandmother's place by the _______________________________.
24.Esperanza says, "Until then I am a red ________________________, a balloon tied to an anchor.
25.The House on Mango Street is "small and ________________________ with tight steps in front and windows so small you'd think they were holding their breath."
29.The second vignette within this novel is called, "___________________________."
30.Esperanza says, "She [Nenny] can’t play with those __________________ kids or she’ll turn out just like them."
33.Esperanza's youngest sibling, __________________________ has hair like fur.
37._________________________ is Rachel's quiet big sister who was born in texas.

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