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2.The equipment used to move/stop the puck.
5.A rubber disk-like object that players advance in effort to score a goal.
6.The area in front of the goal in which only the goalie may enter and where opposing players may not score from.
8.Series of short strokes to move the ball in all directions under control
9.Play used to avoid an opponent while maintaining control of the ball/puck.
12.Wrist shot having no backswing for close shooting or passing.
13.The player on a team that is the last line of defense for a goal.
1.The hockey playing area.
2.When a goalie makes a play that prevents the opposing team from scoring.
3.Play used to attempt to take the ball/puck from an opponent with the stick and not the body.
4.Infractions that can result in 2 or 5 minute suspensions from the game.
5.Units of playing time in hockey; usually there are three (20 minutes each) to a game.
7.Defensive position when the player mirrors an opponent
10.Hard stroke with a backswing
11.The netted cage area in which a puck must pass into for a point to be scored.

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