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Lord of the Flies Review: Chapters 1-4 (Vocabulary, Characters, and Plot)

By Ms. Iocco

1   2   3     4
  5 6   7         8
    9 10 11                 12
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37   38                     39 40
  43   44                   45 46        
  47 48 49                        
51           52                          
53     54 55         56           57
58         59 60   61         62        
    63           64              

1.A ____________________________ is a sharp point projecting in reverse direction to the main point of a weapon or tool, as on an arrow or fishhook.(chap. 3 vocab)
3.Significantly, Simon is the only one who helps Ralph build the __________________________
7.A ___________________________ is a high-pitched tone or sound. (chap. 4 vocab)
11.Piggy asked the boys not to call him by his __________________________ which is Piggy, but they do so anyway.
13.__________________________ means having an overpowering appeal. (chap. 2 vocab)
16.A ______________________________ is a twisting, threadlike structure by which a twining plant, such as a grape or cucumber, grasps an object or a plant for support (chap. 3 vocab)
19._________________________ is a spiral motion. (chap. 4 vocab)
21.____________________________ means punishment. (chap. 4 vocab)
23.________________________ means with disbelief. (chap. 4 vocab)
24.Ralph, Jack, and Simon are chosen to _____________________________ the island; Piggy hadn't wanted to do this, but was assigned the task of keeping track of names instead.
25.The concept of fire on the island is a symbol of _______________________________, while the fire burning out of control is a symbol of savagery.
26.___________________________ means feeling or showing anger at what you think is unfair treatment. (chap. 2 vocab)
27._________________________ are downward slopes. (chap. 3 vocab)
29.____________________________ means secretive or mysterious. (chap. 3 vocab)
30.Piggy was raised by his overprotective ______________________________.
31.____________________________ are complex details. (chap. 1 vocab)
34.____________________________ is the name given to the numerous little children of the group.
35.______________________________ means absurd or contrary to common sense. (chap. 4 vocab)
38._____________________________ means holding one down or being unreasonably severe. (chap. 3 vocab)
41.________________________ means not easily understood. (chap. 3 vocab)
42.___________________________ means commotion of a great crowd, disorder. (chap. 2 vocab)
44.At one point, it is said about Jack and Ralph, "They walked along, two ____________________________ of experience and feeling, unable to communicate."
46.The ____________________________ boys become the hunters on the island.
49.______________________________ means to confuse. (chap. 3 vocab)
50._____________________________ means deceptive, being different than one appears to be. (chap. 1 vocab)
51.A ______________________________ is something that appears to be true, but isn't; an illusion. (chap. 4 vocab)
52.______________________________ means spirited enthusiasm. (chap. 2 vocab)
55._________________________ means shiny or brilliant. (chap. 1 vocab)
58.After destroying his sandcastle, Roger begins to throw __________________________ at Henry, but does not actually hit him because he still holds onto some of his old civilized ways.
60.A ____________________________ is a playful leap or hop. (chap. 4 vocab)
62.______________________________ is described as being handsome, athletic, and a natural leader.
63.__________________________ is described as being the choir leader who was ugly without silliness and who becomes obsessed with hunting pigs.
64.From the very beginning of the novel, it is clear that Jack and Piggy ____________________________ one another.
66.Ralph said, “I could swim when I was five. Daddy taught me. He’s a commander in the _________________________. When he gets leave he’ll come and rescue us.”
67.________________________________ means animal-like, cruel, unrefined.
2.__________________________ is described as being secretive, "slight, furtive boy" who later shows a natural tendency towards cruelty. (he is seen knocking over the "littluns'" sandcastle.)
4.The first rule that Ralph creates is that in order to _______________________ at a meeting you must be holding the conch.
5.After Jack paints a red and white _____________________________ on his face, he is able to savagely kill a pig.
6.The boys ended up on this island because their __________________________ crashed after being "shot down" presumably during WWII.
8.Ralph is elected _______________________ of the boys primarily because he is holding the conch; this angered Jack because he thought he should have been elected since he was the head choir boy and, thus, has experience.
9._____________________________ means being chageable or good or bad things that happen by chance.(chap. 3 vocab)
10.___________________________ means opposing or going against what someone else is saying. (chap. 2 vocab)
12.A __________________________ is a soft cry. (chap. 4 vocab)
14.____________________________ means harsh and loud. (chap. 1 vocab)
15.A ________________________ is a string of leaves and/or flowers that is hung in a curve between two points. (chap. 2 vocab)
17.________________________ means with ill-will or bad intentions. (chap. 4 vocab)
18.________________________________ means hostile or war-like in nature or attitude. (chap. 4 vocab)
20._____________________________ means being excessively eager to give unwanted advice. (chap. 2 vocab)
22.______________________________ means looking down on someone who you feel is not as good as you. (chap. 2 vocab)
28.An ____________________________ is something insignificant or unimportant. (chap. 4 vocab)
32.An ____________________________ is a sugesstion of something without outwardly saying it. (chap. 4 vocab)
33.___________________________ means to show-off.(chap. 3 vocab)
36.________________________ means exhibiting an iridescent shimmer of colors. (chap. 4 vocab)
37.A __________________________ a structure extended into a sea, lake, or river to influence the current or tide or to protect a harbor.
39.A __________________________ is a point or support on which a lever turns. (chap. 1 vocab)
40.A __________________________ is a repeating and prominent image (like a landscape)
43.___________________________ means being general, not identifying a particular brand. (chap. 4 vocab)
45.___________________________ means to shine.(chap. 3 vocab)
47.__________________________ means moving quickly and lightly. (chap. 2 vocab)
48.Ralph tells the boys, that they only way to get rescued is by keeping the _______________________ burning all the time.
50.___________________________ are the identical twins on the island. They are made to leave their post by the fire on the day of the "potential rescue."
53.The _________________________, which is a spiral-shelled mollusk, is a symbol of authority and power on the island and, likewise, is used to call meetings.
54.To __________________________ means to hum or sing softly. (chap. 4 vocab)
56.The boys use Piggy's _________________________ to make fire on the island.
57.Ralph angrily yells at Jack, “There was a _______________________. Out there. You said you’d keep the fire going, and you let it out!”
58.____________________________ is described as being poetic, sensitive, loner, rather mysterious boy who faints at the onset of the novel. (he is frequently seen helping others)
59.The boy with the mulberry birthmark warns of a ________________________ - thing (beastie) on the island and then disappears during the fire.
61._________________________ is described as being very intelligent, a physically less than perfect fat boy who wears glasses and had asthma, a thinker rather than a boy of action.
65.___________________________ means to turn or twist. (chap. 2 vocab)

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