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The Ruby Crew (F.O.H.)

Lyndi Elliott

1     2 3
9   10
11   12 13        
  14   15      
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  28               29

1.He's super quiet and runs your food
4.A southern belle, yet lives in Illinois...
6.Mr. Tough guy
7.He has the most game with a couple of Ruby Relaxers in him
8.Married way too young, but she's awesome becaue she always racks my silverware
13.This manager has all the jokes
15.A true hippie
18.He's a nut, but we all love him for it
20.Transfered from Springfield as a host
21.She's almost too bubbly. I couldn't stand her for the first 3 years of working with her, now we're close friends
22.Very dark eye make-up and sometimes wears P.J.'s to work
25.Our wonderful new and adorable bartender
27.She's super sweet with just the right amount of sass
28.She's one of the originals and does a bangin' job at our catering service
30.A real brat; a true mix of devil and angel
31.Daytime server with very curly brown hair
32.He took a break in Florida at one time but eventually came back to us
33.Had a secret admirer who sent her flowers and love notes
34.The most compact/tiny person who works here...besides David
2.She's serious business, you don't want to start trouble with this one, however she's a real sweetheart past that hard shell
3.Best bartender (especially in Bob's opinion)
5.He doesn't host too often but when he does it's sure to be entertaining
6.He waits tables and cooks the food
9.A new member to our team who has a positive attidude and is very polite
10.Morning host, also works for UPS
11.Tiny little host with a handful of insults at all times
12.She defies all the rules
14.A bartender you should be afraid of
16.Her hair is always up usually with some kind of flower decor
17.The shift leader who didn't lose their job
19.Once a host, now a server. A truly genuine person
23.She is a mom to a thirteen year old but doesn't look it
24.This guy whips up some good drinks and provides plenty of sass
26.One of our servers got this host hired
29.She has the biggest smile and kindest heart

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