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Red Scarf Girl Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

Manning Zhao

1 2
5   6  

3.A form of propaganda in the shape of a large handwritten poster presenting an improtant issue.
4.During the Cultural Revolution a very popular, semiformal organization of high school and college students who were "red" backgrounds or who, though not "red", had proved themselves to be firm revolutionaries.
7."Old ideas, old cultures, old customs, and old habits".
8.The chairman of the Chinese Communist Party, and leader of Chinafrom 1949 to 1976.
9.A system os classifying people by their economic situation or occupation.
10.Information intended to promote a particular belief.
1.A member of the middle class.
2.The social and political upheaval that overtook China from 1966 to 1976.
5.The unethical use of someone else's labor or resources for one's own profit.
6.An economic system in which all means of production, such as land and natural resources, are owned by the entire community and used for the good off all its members.

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