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Electrons & Bonding

Mrs. M. Andreski

1 2     3      
  7   8
9 10   11 12 13                    
15               16    
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31               32          

2.the name we give the outermost energy level
4.the ? quantum number can be a number from 1-7
5.acronym for valence shell electron pair repulsion
6.s, p, d, and f are the four ?
9.to write the Lewis e- ? notation you must count the outermost s & p electrons
13.CH4, or methane, has a ? shape
14.Neon's electron ? is 1s2 2s2 2p6
15.if it is a ? (2 words), it has an octet of electrons
17.a molecule consisting of only two atoms must have a ? shape
18.scientist who developed atomic model
19.visible light is just one tiny part of the electromagnetic ?
21.this bond type is exemplified by a "sea" of electrons
22.HCl, H2O and HBr are ? while CO2, H2, and Cl2 are not
24.synonym for "polar"
28.responsible for designing the "diagonal rule"
31."n" designates an energy ? and can be a number from 1-7
32.type of bond in the nitrogen molecule
33.according to VSEPR, e-'s want to get as ? apart from each other as possible
1.this increases as you go from blue to red in the e.m. spectrum
3.ability of an atom to attract electrons to itself
7.this is emitted as an electron falls back into a lower energy state
8.the most important subatomic particle in terms of chemical reactions
10.this diatomic molecule has double bonds between its atoms
11.this describes a molecule that has symmetry of electronic structure
12.this can be ionic, covalent, or metallic
14.type of bond formed when electrons are shared
16.the part of the sublevel that holds a maximum of 2 electrons
19.atoms bond until they have an octet of electrons; then, they are ?
20.acronym for the colors of the spectrum
23.the name we give the 8-electron configuration
25.type of bonding in substances that are electrolytes in solution
26.this decreases as you go from blue to red in the e.m. spectrum
27.responsible for the rule that e- don't pair up in orbitals until each orbital in a sublevel has an e- in it
29.in the same orbital, 2 electrons cannot ? in the same direction
30.scientist who was responsible for developing the e- dot notation

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