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Celebrating Kate & Will's Wedding


1           2 3         4
  6       7
8           9       10  
  11 12     13         14
15                   16 17      
18         19           20      
24               25              
27   28           29         30  
32     33                          
34     35                  
        36                   37
39       40         41                        
43           44    
        45   46    
47     48                          
49     50             51        
53                     54         55 56        
  57           58                  

1.the English cocker is a
3.author of Picture of Dorian Gray
5.English storyteller is called
6.Will Kate's grocer be there?
8."No man is an island..."
9.Will's mother's job
12.what Will does from planes
15.A sign of family's ancestry (3 Words)
19.a royal home and university are here
21.the Queen's consort
22.a venerable old English college
23.English money
24.pale blue English china with embossed white designs
25.What Englishman went to the Middle East and became an author?
27.Kate's parent's business (2 Words)
33.Gertrude Ederle swam this (2 Words)
39.was there ever a ruler named Egbert?
40.original owner of engagement ring
41.structure built by Romans to protect country from raiders (2 Words)
42.common name for the combined English-controlled countries (2 Words)
43.London is across the "Chunnel" from what city?
45.city named after a tub
47.roast beef and (2 Words)
49.author of Gulliver's Travels
51."What immortal hand or eye..."
53."We come to bury Caesar not to praise him" (2 Words)
54.Kate's sister
56.dog type beloved by royal family
57.Where will the wedding be held? (2 Words)
59.the White Cliffs of
2.the Beatles home town
3.T.S. Eliot wrote this
7.royals like to chase foxes with this animal
10.The Lake District is in what part of England?
11.Kate's major in college (2 Words)
13.current Prime Minister
14.Eliza Doolittle's accent was described as
16.Will's favorite sport
17.sport named after a clicking insect
18.English china often with Christmas motif
26.years couple has known each other
28.Elizabeth Taylor loved and married this English actor (2 Words)
29.author of Peter Rabbit
30.old favorite PBS series (2 Words)
31.Will's closest brother
32.fish and
35.Will William and Kate rent or own?
38.families fought for the thrown in this war (4 Words)
44."Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry when I take you out in my"
46.old-style cottage roofs
48.English version of the American name "Ken"
50.fought Hundred Year's War against
52.steak and kidney
55.we order a pint at a
58.Will Barak Obama be there?

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